2019 – RESPIRE

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from ashes to life

Art & Video creation in a therapeutic context

In the context of the 10th Exhibition of IPSY – Intercultural Psychiatry “Art for Heroes”,  Marsuwa Selibere (artistic name) and LIBRAZ created an art-video story. “From Ashes to life” is the journey of how somebody recovered from sexual abuse.

LIBRAZ collaborated in the production, development and editing of the project. The material, all the paintings, poem, edited images and the concept was created by Marsuwa Selibere during the dance movement therapy and art therapy sessions in IPSY. This piece was shown in ROZET Cultural Center in Arnhem during the Autumn of 2018.



hands in movement

Dance creation in a therapeutic context

In “Shadows to dance”, the 9th Exhibition of Ipsy – Intercultural Psychiatry,  LIBRAZ and 4 other participants created “Hands in movement” short dance videos using exclusively the hands , music and the background they would choose. Not exposing their whole body created safety and ensured the anonymity of participants.



caminhada and 7 senses

Art, video and dance creation in a therapeutic context

Together with the arts therapy department in ipsy, LIBRAZ was part of the development and organization of the 8th Exhibition of Ipsy, “Geheimend des levens” in the Oranjekerk, Amsterdam.

LIBRAZ collaborated in the creation of “Caminho”, an art movement video project and “7 senses of movement” a dance art performance project.  In the creative process we used life experiences, paintings, movements and words of two participants of the dance movement therapy sessions.



Dance & music improvisation

Implosion” was created using material from the sessions and the experiences of the women from the projects Syriame and Flamencame, together with personal experiences.

The short piece was accompanied by a Violinist player, Dolan Jones, and shown in Antarctica Social Center, Amsterdam; and with a Flamenco guitarist Luqas Bonewitz in the Festival “Mag het Licht Aan” in 2016.

2016  – SYRIAME

Art and movement workshops for women and children refugees of the Syrian Civil War in Istanbul, Turkey

In March 2015, LIBRAZ traveled to Istanbul to research possibilities for developing a project with the Syrian communities. Two pilots, both with women and children were executed with positive feedback. We researched the possibility to collaborate with schools on the Syrian border but the government limitations prevent us from continuing

2015  – FIER GIRLS

collage fier

Dance Therapy for young teens involved in the “loverboys” problem in Leeuwaarden and Rotterdam, NL

During the Summerschool 2015 of Fier Foundation, I gave two dance and expression workshops to teenagers from 12 to 17. Fier provides assistance to children and young people who have been confronted by violence and abuse in the context of relationship, lover boy problem, honour disputes…


Flamenco and self confidence  for women and children who experienced domestic violence in Amsterdam, NL

Developed the first pilot project in the Netherlands in March and May of 2014, at a women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence, run by a recognized foundation in Amsterdam, Blijf Groep. A total of five sessions for women, and two sessions for mothers and children were organised, leading to the participation of 12 women and 6 children.

Flamenco dance techniques were used as a framework and combined with dance movement therapy methods to help participants: release disturbing feelings and foster emotional-regulation,  improve their self-image and self-esteem,  strengthen beliefs and feelings of capability, and promote self-efficacy and motivation.

2013 / 2014 – DANCE & HELP

collage dance&help

 Dance lessons where half of the money supports social projects, Amsterdam, NL

During two years the dance lessons of flamenco oriental in Amsterdam helped to finance the official creation of LIBRAZ as a non profit organization.


collage palmera

Choreographic creation with women +65 from Casal La Palmera, Barcelona, Spain.

Using the self created movements of the women of La Palmera, we designed a touching dance performance presented for the neighborhood. One part included a Marian Chace circle where each of the women improvised and expressed something unique and the rest of the participants would follow, changing the leading.


romani_gipsy mothers

Movement workshop to foster the connection between mother and infant, Badalona, Spain.

In a suburb of Barcelona, thanks to the help of a neighbourhood initiative, seven mother and their kids gathered with me in the workshop and we worked on attunement, mother and child bonding and self care interventions.


collage armenia

Aesthetic education of  children that had lost one or both parents in Erevan, Armenia

At the Zatik Orphanage, we organized a groupal artistic creation. A performance mixing elements from armenian and flamenco dances, popular songs and expressive gymnastics.

The objectives of the project were the aesthetic education of 50-60 children; promote creativity through work groups where they could improve their English skills, draw, dance or sing; and organize sports and games according to the capabilities and age of the orphans.






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