Thank you very much to all the people that have supported us until now!

Coming to the workshops to help finance the projects, or supporting and facilitating the organization in any other ways:

Estrella M. (Spain)
Flor  M. (USA)
Paulina  P. (Poland)
Valeria V. (The Netherlands)
Yvet  (The Netherlands)
Blanca M. (Spain)
María S. (Spain)
Sarah B. (France)
Pauline J. (Germany)
Ellen J. (The Netherlands)
Bérengère F. (France)
Rosa B. (The Netherlands)
Anna P. (Polland)
Mariza V. (Philippines)
Berta C. (Spain)
Nandini C. (India)
Roser F. (Spain)
Annemarie V. R (Netherlands)
Olesia S. (Russia)
Virginia G. (Spain)
Esther B. (Netherlands)
Ana M.  (Spain)
Ane M. (Spain)
Leticia S. (Spain)
Diana C. (Switzerland)
Blanca M. (Spain)
Bernarda P. (Ecuador)
Aldo V. (Netherlands)
Suzanne D. (Iran / UK)
Martine V.A. (Netherlands)
Anouk V. N. (Netherlands)

Thank you very much!

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